Dole signs strategic cooperation agreement with Syngenta China MAP

On the fifth of June, or World Environment Day, Syngenta Group and Dole authorized Syngenta Group MAP for in-depth information exchange and exploration of opportunities in plantation, strategic crop retail, farms, technological services, and digitized agriculture.

Mr. Tan Hengde, president of the Syngenta Group, and Mr. Chen Yongkang, CEO of Dole China, met during a ceremony in which Syngenta China and Dole signed an exclusive retail agreement for two tomato varieties: “Yoom Yangmu” and “Sweet Wine” tomatoes.

Mr. Tan Hengde, president of Syngenta Group, and Mr. Chen Yongkang, CEO of Dole China, engaged in a friendly exchange

Other honored guests included the vice-president of Syngenta China; president of MAP and digitized agriculture, Ying Minjie; CEO of MAP and digitized agriculture, Zhang Zhao; head of purchases at MAP and digitized agriculture, Lin Yongshun; deputy head of purchases at MAP and digitized agriculture, Zhu Dong; high-end sales manager in the purchasing department at MAP and digitized agriculture, Wang Hua; head of branding at Dole, Wang Na; high-ranking manager in the department of trade at Dole, Ye Peihui; and spokesperson for the vegetable committee in the sales department at Dole, Zhou Mingming.

Two parties sign the strategic cooperation agreement

Syngenta Group was established on the fifth of January, 2020. This agricultural technology company employs 48,000 people and earns 23 billion USD. The company occupies a leading position in global plantation, global seed, and Chinese fertilizer industries. The Syngenta Group also hosts the Modern Agriculture Platform (MAP). This is the first time Dole and Syngenta sign a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly explore innovative developments in the global agricultural industry.

Head of branding at Dole, Wang Na, introduces the Dole brand to Syngenta

Two parties engage in exploratory discussions

Red and purple combine in a beautiful and healthy flavor. That is the description of the newest additions to the tomato family. “Yoom Yangmu” and Sweet Wine” tomatoes dazzle with a bright, colorful appearance, and their flavor is also pure and delicious. The “Yoom Yangmu” tomato received a prize for innovation at the Berlin Fruit Logistica in 2020. At the same time, these two tomato varieties joined their names with Disney this year. Customers at City Super and other large supermarkets can find these tomato varieties in brand new packaging that features “Mickey and his friends” and “Disney princesses”!

“Yoom Yangmu” tomato plantation in Miyun, Beijing

The “Yoom Yangmu” cocktail cherry was originally introduced from the Netherlands. This cherry variety contains anthocyanidins that give the tomato its unique purple color. The flavor is fresh, and a perfect balance of sweet and sour. The tomato is also juicy and full of amino acids that give the tomato its unique and incomparably rich umami flavor. The “Sweet Wine” tomato has a crunchy, sweet flavor that makes this tomato the perfect, healthy and fresh snack for during the movies, late at work, or with an afternoon cup of tea.

“Yoom Yangmu” tomatoes

“Sweet Wine” tomatoes

The Dole brand was established in 1851, and is now one of the largest and most high-end brands for the production and international retail of fresh fruit and vegetables. Dole entered China in 1998 and has distribution centers in 12 cities across the country, including Shanghai, Beijing, Dongguan, Shenyang, Xi’an, and Xiamen. They manage more than 90 fruit and vegetable product varieties from 19 countries. Dole originally started with bananas and pineapples, but now sells oranges, apples, pears, stone fruit, grapes, avocadoes, and other vegetables as well. The company continuously works hard to provide customers with high-quality, fresh and flavorful fruit products. Their sweet, glutinous bananas and fragrant pineapples have already secured their place in the hearts of customers around the world.

Dole sells sweet bananas and golden pineapples

In addition to fresh fruit, Dole has expanded their assortment in recent years to include a wide variety of high-quality vegetable products such as the Dole non-GMO sweet corn, Dole pumpkin, Dole black garlic, and Dole on-the-vine tomatoes. Dole is present in the public sphere and participates in such activities as marathons, expositions, and the fifth of May shopping holiday. The Dole on-the-vine tomatoes quickly became a popular product with Chinese consumers because of its bright colors and delicious flavor.

Dole vegetable products

Dole is an international group specialized in production and cross-border retail of fresh fruit and vegetables. Dole maintains the highest level of technology from plantation to processing and their many farms are all Global GAP and ISO 14001 certified, and approved by the Rainforest Alliance. Dole products are reliable. The Dole team works hard to add nutrients and minimize loss of nutrients during transport to make sure that consumers receive fruit and vegetables rich in nutrients.

Dole also constructed a number of modern processing factories in cities across China. They cooperate with clients to distribute products throughout the country. They work with 11 national supermarket chains, 26 well-known regional supermarket chains, and 31 well-known, high-end fruit store chain that collectively own more than 1,900 stores in more than 190 cities. Dole also maintains close connections with Sam’s Club and other international retail giants, as well as other chains such as Hema. That is how Dole provides customers with a wide variety of top-quality products and services.

Dole modern processing factory

Dole signed a multi-year cooperation agreement with Disney Resort Shanghai in June of 2020. Dole became the official fruit partner of the resort. Dole now provides the resort with a rich variety of healthy, fresh fruit in new and innovative ways. Together with Disney, Dole has prepared a series of wellness activities for the upcoming Disney surprise month that has all of us looking forward in anticipation!

Source: Fresh Plaza