Drones detecting infected citrus trees create new opportunities

Israeli company Agrowing Ltd. has already established itself when it comes to enabling powerful horticultural tools. The provider of AI-enabling multispectral sensors consistently creates products that set it apart from the competition to enable real opportunities for users.

Recently, the company made an important announcement about a significant breakthrough in leaf-level and aerial HLB detection in Citrus.

Agrowing’s collaboration with VetorGEO, a Brazilian start-up focused on Agriculture 4.0 solutions, has enabled them to use drones to identify and isolate multispectral signatures of HLB symptoms in citrus leaves. This is a significant breakthrough, as it eases the biggest challenge with this sort of detection, which has traditionally been related to the timing around when growers can recognize such symptoms.

“Until now, there was no effective HLB detection with NDVI, which is why the Agrowing developed sensors can be so disruptive for the citrus industry,” Dr. Kelly Pazolini, VetorGEO’s scientific researcher told commercialuavnews.com. “Finding new symptoms, so the infected trees can be removed as quickly as possible, is critical. This allows them to be both be replaced and limits the damage they would otherwise cause to the rest of orchard.”

Photo source: Agrowing Ltd. 

Source: Fresh Plaza