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These are trying times for many Prairie producers, with withered crops and parched pastures across wide swaths of the growing region.

To help keep you informed about the issue this page will be continually updated with the latest drought-related news and solutions you can use produced by The Western Producer’s team of professional reporters and editors from across the region.

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Sask. soil moisture levels come up short

Precipitation statistics reveal year of struggles

Drought may significantly slash western herd

The Canadian cattle herd is likely to shrink significantly as a lack of feed and water forces producers to sell off breeding stock.

During a town hall meeting organized by the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and provincial associations July 19, leaders said cows are already moving to market as producers evaluate how many they can maintain on depleted pastures and with poor hay yields across the Prairies and northwestern Ontario. In British Columbia, fires have hit the main hay producing areas.

Ottawa to trigger AgriRecovery to provide drought help

Federal agriculture minister Marie-Claude Bibeau will initiate AgriRecovery now that formal requests have come in from provinces affected by heat and drought.

All three prairie provinces have asked for assessments, and British Columbia and Ontario are expected to do the same.


Crop markets wake up to evolving drought disaster

Drought creates unhappy learning experience for markets

No time for foot-dragging as drought gets serious

There’s nothing much worse than drought when it comes to agricultural afflictions.

Floods, insects, disease and low market prices aren’t fun either but when the rain stops falling and the mercury soars, nothing grows.

And when nothing grows, there’s not much that can be done.

Farmers need to make the drought matter – to urbanites

With his voice cracking with emotion, Tyler Fulton described a farm family forced to sell-off their cow herd, a herd produced by years of family effort.

For thousands of farmers, this summer’s drought is destroying not only their family’s hopes and dreams, but also their ability to survive on the farm. Without a cow herd they have no way to make money an provide from themselves.

Farmers need to make the drought matter – to urbanites

Feds reveal drought aid plans

Alta., Sask. cattle producers ask gov’ts for drought help

Sask. groups call for drought aid

Prairies no stranger to damaging droughts

Man. gov’t, farmers form working group on drought

Agriculture Canada takes stab at predicting drought

Spring wheat futures rally on heat and drought concerns

Drought threatens North Dakota’s wheat crop

Drought worsens water woes

Careful management helps in drought

Drought conditions increase risk of anthrax

Climatolgists ring drought alarm

‘Extreme drought’ expands in Prairies

Volatile market expected as drought looms





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