Dubai Expo 2020 a chance to showcase India’s potential, says Piyush Goyal

Expo 2020 is an opportunity to showcase India’s potential, said Union Commerce and Industry Minister on Friday, adding that the event will highlight a new emerging technologically driven and self-confident India to the world.

on Thursday kicked off its USD 7 billion Expo 2020 on a desert site. Goyal will be inaugurating the India Pavilion today.

Speaking at the press conference, Goyal said the event is an opportunity to showcase India’s potential.

“It [Expo] is an outreach to the whole world to showcase a new India, an emerging technologically driven self-confident India. Dubai Expo 2020 is an opportunity to showcase India’s potential,” he said.

“India will become the engine of growth for the whole world. India will be ready to engage with any competition on equal terms and on strength of our qualities. India, which is rich in tradition and heritage, is today engaging with most modern technology whether it is space, whether its atomic energy, Whether it is renewable energy. Whether it’s a fight against climate change,” he added.

Talking about India and UAE ties, the minister said that the two countries have shared interests and the two nations are not in competition and they complement each other.

“UAE and India have shared interest. We are not in competition, we complement each other. UAE investors and its leaders are very positive about doing business and expanding trade with India,” Goyal said.

“Throughout the pandemic, Indians from many parts of the world wanted to come back home. But UAE didn’t let any India go because they didn’t want them to go. They took care of them like their own family members. It’s a huge message about the love and affection of the people of both countries,” he added.

The Indian government had said that Dubai Expo 2020 will be a significant platform for India to showcase its vibrant culture and tremendous growth opportunities for the next six months.

Among the 192 participating countries, India will have the biggest pavilion in the expo. Fifteen states and nine central ministries from India are participating in this six-month-long expo, which will be ending on March 31, 2022.

The India Pavilion will feature an innovative kinetic facade made up of 600 individual colourful blocks. It is developed as a mosaic of rotating panels that will depict different themes as they rotate on their axis. It represents the theme of ‘India on the move’ and is a unique amalgam of the rich heritage and technological advances of the nation, read the statement.

A large number of Indian conglomerates and global companies are also participating. India’s participation in Expo 2020 Dubai will primarily focus on presenting unlimited opportunities for the global community to participate in the country’s growth story, and benefit from it.

In keeping with the themes of the Expo, visitors will get a glimpse of Indian innovations and successes in the fields of Space Technology, Robotics, Electric Mobility, Edu-tech, e-Commerce, Energy, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

11 key themes will be represented at the India Pavilion, viz, Climate and Biodiversity, Space, Urban and Rural Development, Tolerance and Inclusivity, Golden Jubilee, Knowledge and Learning, Travel and Connectivity, Global Goals, Health and Wellness, Food Agriculture and Livelihoods and Water, said the release.

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