Ecuadorian pitahaya and ginger exports increased in 2020

Despite the setback that Ecuadorian exports of goods and services had in 2020, non-traditional products such as pitahaya and ginger performed well in the international market.

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), last year Ecuador exported 13,443 tons of pitahaya for more than 66 million dollars. The main destinations for this fruit were the United States, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Exports of this fruit continue their positive trend this year, as the country exported more than 5,000 tons of pitahaya between January and April 11.

According to the MAG, in 2020, ginger exports grew by 3.6 million dollars and at least 35 Ecuadorian exporters shipped this product to 9 countries. The main destinations were the United States, Colombia, and the Netherlands.

“Ecuador is experiencing great changes and developments in the production, marketing, and export processes in the national and international market due to the increase in external demand for agricultural products, mainly ginger, which is highly appreciated in the international market thanks to its multiple uses in the food, cosmetic, and medicine sectors,” the ministry stated.



Source: Fresh Plaza