Elisur Organic celebrates Ginger Week 2021

Source: Fresh Plaza

Peruvian ginger production is concentrated in the Central Jungle, specifically in Pichanaqui, Junin, where the new 2021/2022 production campaign is starting with some shipments of baby ginger and mature ginger from the previous campaign.

According to the agricultural technicians of the Elisur Organic company, in the first week of May, most of the ginger crops in the
Central Jungle have an average maturity degree of 85% to 90% should reach an optimal level of maturity in the third or fourth week of June.

According to estimates, 5,200 hectares of the Peruvian Central Jungle will be devoted to ginger production in 2021, i.e. 100% more than in 2020. This would equate to 105,700 tons of exportable ginger in 2021.

The main production issue is that producers began to find leaf spot and rot. Fortunately, producers knew how to identify it in time and harvested this product in advance to separate the material in poor condition so it wouldn’t affect the rest of the production. From a business management perspective, the main issue that entrepreneurs face is not knowing how the market will behave in 2021 because 2020 was an atypical year.

Ginger Week 2021
There isn’t much information documented on ginger and research on its commercial, scientific, logistic, and innovation possibilities should be encouraged. Elisur Organic SAC company is contributing to this effort by organizing a virtual event with free access between May 26 and 28, which brings together public and private institutions, national and international buyers, and the general public that are specialized in ginger.

The goals are to show the foreign market the arduous work being carried out within the Peruvian Central Jungle, the orientation towards sustainable agriculture, the export processes of ginger and turmeric, and generate a space for dialogue to create alliances that contribute to the development of the sector in the central jungle.

The following activities will be carried out in Ginger Week 2021:

Video transmission from processing plants, testimonies of farmers, the state of cultivation fields, and perspectives of company collaborators.

Technical talks given by specialists who will share cases, experiences, and research related to ginger.

Business interviews to provide information of interest for decision-making and to specify future transactions with adequate conditions.

The event will grant its attendees access to specialized information to make decisions, commercial interaction, and networking possibilities.

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