Excellent citrus fruit campaign in Sicily

The Sicilian orange campaign continues with great success, especially for Parlapiano Fruit, which has confirmed its leadership in the commercialization of Arancia di Ribera DOP thanks to a significant increase in sales compared with the past season. FreshPlaza talked about it with Paolo Parlapiano, who has worked for the company as sales and marketing manager for years.

Paolo Parlapiano

“The result we have reached is fruit of the high quality of our work and of the services supplied to our most demanding consumers. During the latest citrus fruit campaign, Parlapiano Fruit represented over 60% of the trade of PDO oranges from Ribera in terms of volumes handled, with a certified production of around 5,000,000 kg (Mipaaf official data)”.

“Investments definitely contributed to our growth. Our facility is in fact equipped with the latest fruit sorting technologies, which employ smart software. Thanks to cameras, the system manages to analyze and classify oranges guaranteeing accurate defect detection and excellent sorting, identifying imperfections up to a level previously unseen in this sector.”

Parlapiano Fruit holds the IFS, GlobalGAP (+ GRASP) and BIO certifications. PDO oranges from Ribera are blonde oranges, easy to peel, seedless, sweet and pleasantly crunchy thanks to their perfect balance between soft and fibrous parts. 

“Our oranges can be eaten fresh or used to make juices thanks to their high juice content. They are definitely a source of vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that contributes to strengthening our immune system. But our oranges go beyond this, as they are also suitable to make all kinds of dishes – from starters to desserts – as the peel does not undergo post-harvesting treatments and is therefore edible. It is only washed with drinking water and dried before packaging. The texture of the flesh is a distinctive feature of our fruits, as the juice vesicles dissolve in the mouth without leaving membrane residues.”

The area has been growing oranges since 1930 thanks to the ideal climate, excellent quality of irrigation water and soil and to the expertise of growers who employ crop techniques handed down from father to son. Nowadays, Ribera is an oasis apart from the regional citrus fruit sector, characterized by a unique micro-climate that conveys local oranges specific characteristics.

“We have been talking about renewing our packaging and introducing a new logo that will be more current and enable us to have a more striking communication. We will announce it soon.”

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