F.lli Orsero entered a partnership with Orogel Fresco to supply stone fruit

Gruppo Orsero, a leading company in Mediterranean Europe for the import and distribution of fresh produce, has entered into a partnership with Orogel Fresco, a branch of Orogel group that produces and commercializes fruits and vegetables cultivated in Italy. 

The two companies will work on developing the new F.lli Orsero line dedicated to Extra-Premium stone fruit – nectarines, peaches, apricots and plums grown in Emilia-Romagna, Basilicata and Apulia by selected producers who only harvest the fruits when they are perfectly ripe and package them directly in the orchards.

Alessandro Canalella, Chief Commercial Officer of Gruppo Orsero, explained that “this partnership is strategic and represents a further step towards Gruppo Orsero’s objective of promoting the Italian agricultural and food chain. The cooperation with this leading producers, which gathers around 700 growers, will guarantee a line of varieties and species with a high organoleptic and value.”

Alessandro Canalella

Vincenzo Finelli, director at Orogel Fresco, added that “thanks to this agreement, we will not be mere suppliers, but commercial partners. This way, supplies can be constant. We will provide them with top-of-the-range stone fruits. As for the winter season, we plan on supplying kiwifruits.” 

The new products will be commercialized all over the Italian territory by Fruttital, a company part Gruppo Orsero with a capillary distribution network that reaches both traditional sales channels and big retail chains. 

Source: Fresh Plaza