Farm girl shoots agriculture videos

A nine-year-old Saskatchewan girl is drawing praise and thousands of Twitter views for her videos about farming.

Mady Adamson, who is in Grade 3 in Kindersley, said she realized her classmates didn’t understand much about farming so she decided to make her own short videos to help educate them.

“The discussion of agriculture got brought up in class and I got upset and kind of mad because I realized a lot of people don’t know where their food comes from and how agriculture works,” she said, speaking from the tractor with her mom, Lexie.

Mady does the filming herself and has made several videos so far, about how an air seeder works, seed treatment and crop rotation.

“I’m going to do it throughout the farming year,” she said of what viewers can expect.

Lexie, who farms with her family near Rosetown, said Mady is well aware of everything it takes to plant and harvest a crop.

“We’re very proud of her. She’s a very smart kid and very driven,” said Lexie. “Not in a thousand years did we think a video that we just posted on our personal social media would blow up like this.”

Mady said her classmates think her videos are “great” and they are learning. She is surprised that so many others have seen them and like them.

She even received a phone call from Premier Scott Moe congratulating her on her work.

Mady and Lexie sit in the tractor and read through the comments that people have provided underneath Lexie’s posts of the videos.

“I think what soaks into her the most is all the personal messages we’ve been sent,” Lexie said. “She’s had a lot of ag agvocates, I would call them, reach out to her and tell her what she’s doing is really special and powerful and just keep doing what she’s doing.”

The family intends for Mady to do exactly that, focusing on their farm and not on particular products or companies. Her dad, Kyle, made a cover page for the videos to identify them as Mady’s work.

Once harvest is done, Mady’s videos will move inside where she will highlight grain farmers’ winter work.

Lexie spends much of the winter on the management side of the farm.

“(Mady) knows how to haul grain to the elevator and all that stuff too … but she’s very educated in knowing how much work it takes to do the books and all the planning and all the meetings,” Lexie said.

Asked how she knows so many details about farming Mady said she just hangs out, helps and learns. She said when she grows up she wants to teach agriculture.

Mady’s videos can be found on Twitter @LexieAdamson. Her first 12 videos (as of the posting of this story, May 20, 2021) are embedded below.


#2 – Seed treating

#3 – Soil temperature



#6 – Crop rotation

#7 – Seeding

#8 – Moms in ag

#9 Seeder fill

#10 Spring on the farm

#11 Field move

#12 Land rolling