Freshology: How to Make Fresh Successful into 2022


Strategies You Can’t Ignore to Keep Fresh “Fresh” into 2022

Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2021, at 2 p.m. EST

Fresh is the differentiating builder of consumer loyalty and trust. Consumers expect full transparency, traceability and information across all points of experience — assortments, in-store production, labelling, packaging, displaying, delivering, payment, preparing, and eating. Trust can only be achieved when fresh products are truly fresh, and that freshness is transparently proven. 2022 will see the acceleration of freshology as the new sophistication of in-store operations to meet growing consumer demand.

Join us for a highly relevant and thought-provoking panel conversation covering: 

  • Fresh technological capabilities and operational investments for the future of consumer relevancy and food shopping experiences. 
  • How leaders are solving for the next wave of challenges and opportunities in fresh to build loyalty and trust.
  • And after all, why “fresh” is important and the impacts of fresh, itself, to improve operational gains and quality.