Fresón de Palos renews its commitment to quality and the environment

Fresón de Palos has renewed its commitment to quality and the environment this year by, once again, obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate on quality management and the ISO 14001 certificate on environmental standards. The cooperative has passed the renewal audits conducted by the SGS International Certification Services Iberica SAU company, thus proving it complies with the requirements and good practices in the reception, handling, storage, and dispatch of fruit and vegetable products.

From left to right, Sergio Muñoz, head of SGS Andalucia; Silvia Gomez, the general director of Fresón de Palos; Emilio Vazquez, the president of Fresón de Palos, and Manuel Ibañez, SGS Huelva delegate showing the new certifications.

The general director of Fresón de Palos, Silvia Gomez, expressed her satisfaction for having achieved a recognition that corroborates the excellence of the cooperative’s products. “Maintaining quality and good environmental standards is our responsibility. It’s something that our cooperative has been doing for decades,” she stated.

Since 2006, the cooperative has had the Quality, Environment, and Food Safety Integrated Management System that is recognized by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IFS Food standards. It has also been certified by the GLOBAL GAP protocol for fruits and vegetables, which recognizes good agricultural practices, reducing risks in production through tools that objectively verify the best actions via exhaustive monitoring on the farms, thus ensuring that the entire supply chain is covered. This protocol also includes the GRASP module, which promotes good labor and social practices, implemented in all associated producers.

The Sociedad Cooperativa Agraria Santa María de la Rábida, Fresón de Palos, began its activity in 1982. It currently is the European leader in strawberry production. “We have achieved having products of the highest quality thanks to the hard work our producers have done throughout our long history. This has allowed us to grow and expand to new markets in recent years,” Gomez stated.

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