Fully automated meal packaging with case packers of Lan Handeling

Source: Fresh Plaza

With their flexible packaging robots, Lan Handling Technologies responds to the increasing demand of food producers to package products of variating sizes and patterns in both crates and boxes. “The market for products such as ready-made salads, vegetables and rice and meat substitutes is booming”, Sales Manager Mark de Boer explains. “Also, the availability of personnel remains challenging to many production companies which makes automatization a whole lot more interesting.”

Caution with top seal trays
With certain top seal trays, for instance the easy peel of ready-made meals, the delicacy of the sealing plays a crucial role. “To keep these intact we equip our packaging robots with special grippers and make sure that the robots arm movement is as smooth as possible.”

Extremely accurate
Due to the 6-axled robot with flex-grippers the product orientation can still be adjusted even during the robots flight, which makes it possible to create complex movements and accurately place products into costumer specific boxes. “We notice this is very beneficial to customers who, for instance, work with boxes that have overhanging edges.”

Dozens of product programs
Lan Handling executed their robot cells in such a way that a minimal adjustment can lead to a much greater flexibility. A desire that was reoccurring in recent projects for Hoogvliet super markets and Heemskerk fresh & easy, among others. For that last one, Lan Handeling’s packaging robots are able to process a good 34 unique combinations. Mark de Boer: “The changing of robot cells is done by using a simple HMI-screen. Within minutes the case packer is ready to be used for different products, patterns or product carriers.”

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