“Good demand for fresh, Dutch garlic, prices remain at a higher level than previous years”

The fresh Dutch garlic from Biesheuvel Garlic is available again. “The circumstances were not easy, but we have made it through again, and at the end of last week, we finished harvesting”, says Arjan Biesheuvel. “The first garlic that was grubbed arrived in very wet circumstances. It remains to be seen how these will end up after being in CA-storage. For now, harvest seems to be good.”

Biesheuvel sells most of their Dutch garlic to Dutch retailers via Oxin Growers, but through exporters, a lot of garlic also ends up in other European countries. “Over the past couple of years, we have seen a rise in competition from German garlic growers. This German cultivation also leads to a decline in sales, but this decline is not a steep as previous years. Prices remain on a steady level”, the garlic grower determines.

At the end of June, Arjan personally delivered the first crate of harvested garlic to the Italian restaurant Mario in the Dutch town of Wijdewormer. “Those are people that can really appreciate the fresh, Dutch garlic, so we can really use their endorsement. To many consumers associate the fresh garlic with the two dried bulbs in a net as you might find in the grocery store, but that has nothing to do with our fresh garlic.”

“Luckily, we do see an increasing demand for fresh garlic, so there is enough growth potential for the product. However, in terms of product notoriety, there is still something to be gained. For instance, many people don’t know you can cut up the green stem, which is a waste since you can use every part of our garlic,” says Arjan. As is tradition, the garlic of Biesheuvel from the CA-storage is available till the end of the year.

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Source: Fresh Plaza