“Good demand for Turkish grapes and apricots”

Turkish imports have been one of the Enes Groenten en Fruit’s firm pillars for years. They offer numerous products under their Huser Fresh brand. These include not only Sivri, Carli, Dolma, Kapya, and Ucburn peppers. But also white zucchini, mini cucumbers, Turkish eggplants, and quinces. And grapes, cherries, figs, melons, and various kinds of pomegranates. This Dutch company receives a year-round supply of Turkish vegetables. And the Turkish fruit season has now begun too.

“Our supplier, Hatipohlu, has loaded the first Flame grapes. These are of the Finike premium label. The first Sultana grapes are also on their way. These grapes have earned their place on the market. There’s always demand for them,” says Ercument Saka. “This year, Turkey’s had a good harvest. The Brix level and color are great. There are never complaints about these highly-prized grapes.”

The Turkish apricot season started a few weeks ago already. “Demand is also good. Spain and France have significantly fewer apricots. That’s due to the weather conditions. That affects the demand for these sweet Turkish apricots.” Enes markets these under the Finike and Sultanzade brands.

The global pandemic has caused shifts in Enes’ sales. “Sales to market vendors, especially in Germany, declined. But those to supermarkets increased. However, retailers’ quality requirements are higher. Our strength is that we can serve every type of customer. That’s with a broad range of products,” says Ercument.

“Our exports have also expanded significantly in recent years. We have international clients in countries like Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Austria. We also transport many loads directly from the supplier to the buyer. That’s quite a difference from the past. Then all our products came to the Netherlands.”

And additional sales sometimes come from unexpected places. For example, Ercument has an eight-year-old son, Batuhan. He recently told his teacher that his father could deliver fruit directly to the school. The teacher referred Batuhan to the principal. He phoned Saka Sr. And now, Enes will deliver all the school’s fruit in the next academic year. “The trading bug bites at an early age. My son is, for instance, already asking how much commission he’ll get for his first deal,” Ercument concludes, smiling.

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Source: Fresh Plaza