Great British BBQ has moved on from charred sausages, cheap white rolls and tubs of coleslaw

Great British BBQ has moved on from charred sausages, cheap white rolls and tubs of coleslaw

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A nationwide poll of millennials and Gen Z’s suggests almost seven in ten (68 per cent) believe the Great British BBQ has moved on from the days of charred sausages, cheap white rolls and tubs of coleslaw from the supermarket.

In fact, four in ten (40 per cent) now marinate their meat for days before their guests arrive, while 38 per cent have an upscale BBQ or fire pit to cook on.

And meat must not be the only BBQ option, as a staggering 85 per cent of those polled insisted that vegetarian and vegan food must be on the menu.

The study, by herbs and spices experts Bart, found that plastic cutlery (32 per cent), frozen sausages and burgers (26 per cent) and processed cheese slices (26 per cent)  are among the absolute “no-nos” for outdoor soirees, along with bowls of peanuts (24 per cent), shop bought coleslaw (21 per cent) and hot dogs made with frankfurter sausages (21 per cent).

Even tomato ketchup has been replaced by many BBQ connoisseurs, with 60 per cent demanding a range of sauces such as mustard, chimichurri and sriracha and 28 per cent saying they now make their own salsa.

And forget “manning the BBQ” as 60 per cent of females take lead when it comes to the grill.

Little wonder then that more than half of us (55 per cent) believe that it is sexist and outdated to say that men are better at the BBQ than women.

A spokesperson from Bart, who commissioned the survey said: “Now the sun has arrived, we hope everyone will be inspired to try something new on the BBQ. We understand that times spent with loved ones are about making memories – good food, good people, good times. And it is no surprise to us that 75 per cent of people think that improperly seasoned ingredients can ruin a BBQ, so this summer we are all about #StrikeAMatch – providing inspiration when cooking on fire.”

Helen Graves, content editor at Great British Chefs and author of bestselling BBQ cookbook Live Fire, said: “BBQ has diversified in recent years as cooks embrace different BBQ traditions from the multiple diaspora communities cooking over fire around the UK and beyond. Think Jamaican jerk chicken smothered in a fragrant paste of allspice berries and scotch bonnet chillies, or whole grilled fish with fiery harissa.”

The research also revealed a list of modern BBQ must haves, which was topped by  handmade burgers (40 per cent), grilled halloumi (34 per cent) and meat-free space on the grill (32 per cent).

Three in ten (30 per cent) of us say that sirloin steak is now a BBQ essential, 18 per cent wouldn’t light the grill without having sourdough buns to hand, and 26 per cent will always include pork belly when they’re planning a BBQ menu.

And seasoning is key with 75 per cent saying that improperly seasoned ingredients are a deal breaker.

With all these elements and pressures, perhaps it is no surprise that 68 per cent of people secretly dread going to a barbecue.

When it comes to where the best BBQs will be happening this summer, Nottingham is the grill capital, with 18 per cent of residents claiming to be a whizz on the BBQ.

Newcastle came second (15 per cent), Plymouth third (14 per cent), London fourth (11 per cent) – and Liverpool completed the top five best BBQ cities, with 10 per cent.

Outdated BBQ items

  1. Plastic cutlery 32% (would not dream of serving at a BBQ)
  2. Frozen sausages or burgers 26%
  3. Processed cheese slices 26%
  4. Bowls of peanuts 24%
  5. Trifles 23%
  6. Shop bought coleslaw 21%
  7. Hot dogs 21%
  8. Bowls of crisps 19%
  9. Potato salad 18%
  10. Frankfurters 17%
  11. Tubs of vanilla ice cream 17%
  12. White bread rolls 17%
  13. Iceberg lettuce 16%
  14. Pasta salad 15%
  15. Chicken wings 15%
  16. Cans of lager 15%
  17. Corn on the cob 14%
  18. Punch 14%
  19. Jacket potatoes 14%
  20. Sesame seed baps 12%

Modern BBQ essentials

  1. Handmade burgers 40% (Would always serve at a BBQ)
  2. Grilled halloumi 34%
  3. Meat-free space on the grill 32%
  4. Veggie burgers 31%
  5. Marinaded meat 31%
  6. Brioche rolls 30%
  7. Sirloin steaks 30%
  8. Homemade slaw 29%
  9. Veggie or vegan kebabs 26%
  10. Pork Belly 26%
  11. Homemade potato salad 25%
  12. Pork chops 24%
  13. Greek salad 23%
  14. Wraps 23%
  15. A whole fish 23%
  16. Hot sauces, e.g. sriracha 21%
  17. Homemade BBQ sauce from scratch 20%
  18. Organic meat 20%
  19. Smashed avocado 20%
  20. Sourdough rolls 18%


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