Greenhouse plants are always in order with the Sicilia Group SIA’s patented guidance system

Greenhouse plants can be kept in excellent condition at all times thanks to efficient, time-saving and cost-effective plant management. For a correct plant management in intensive greenhouse cultivation, the simplest and most cost-effective system is SIA’s patented guidance system, Sicilia Group.

A technological greenhouse where the SIA system is installed

This is a tried and tested system that facilitates the tying of the plants and saves a great deal of time. The time required to remove the foliage at the end of production is even faster. The system is so practical and functional that it is in demand in the major greenhouse countries around the world.

The system reduces the working hours and ensures that the plants are tied up correctly, thus maximizing their growth. It also improves conditions for farm workers, who do not have to physically take on burdensome postures many hours a day.

This is a proven system that makes it easier to secure the plants, which saves a lot of time. Most of the time, planting in greenhouses is done by simply tying off nylon wires that are placed at the same distance from the plant and to which the plants are hooked. However, this action, which is necessary for the regular development of the plants, is labor-intensive and involves considerable production costs. This work also requires additional stabilization and repetition of the operations over time.  

Even in a large greenhouse, only two workers are needed to install the system.

Inventor Alessandro Avarino explained how this is alternative system works. “Ideal Tutor consists of a structure made of polyethylene wires, which are used for tying up the most common greenhouse crops such as tomatoes, aubergines and peppers. The system is very versatile and has different solutions for the size of the wires, the dimensions of the wires and the size of the crop. There is also a wide choice of hooks, single or multiple, for top anchoring. The system comes in packaged rolls, which allow the overall height and distance between the vertical wires to be determined in advance. Only two workers are required for installation.”

In the video below, Alessandro Avarino explains how the system works.

Ideal Tutor Dinamico                                                                        But the revolution does not stop here, because the new system Ideal Tutor Dinamico has been added to the system described above. This is essentially the same construction system as the previous one, but with the addition of a modular system that allows the crop to be lowered to the desired height, from 30 to 60 cm per module. The operations can be carried out several times, with the possibility of lowering the crop and thus allowing it to continue growing. In this way, the crop’s vegetative life can be extended, within the same cultivation, increasing its productivity without incurring the long series of costs for replanting it.


Source: Fresh Plaza