Horticultural groups Agrintesa and Mazzoni join Ondine global flat fruit project

The world of snacks is experiencing strong growth in terms of volume. This dynamism is happening in a context marked by profound changes in eating habits, with new consumption moments and the search for healthy eating.

“Ondine is a brand of easy-to-eat flat nectarine and white-fleshed flat nectarine. They belong in the snacking or finger food segment, like cookies and chocolate, but as healthy and wholesome alternatives,” says Angel Vallin, from Agro Selections Fruits (ASF). 

“All fruits have a perfect pistil closure, an attractive red color which tells the consumer that they are ready to eat, and a delicious taste. All this results in an extraordinary experience that the consumer will not forget. In fact, Ondine has once again received the Saveur de l’année award this year,” says Angel Vallin.

Two major stone fruit and vegetable production groups, Mazzoni and Agrintesa, have just joined Ondine’s global project. A total of 350 hectares of Ondine flat nectarines will be planted in Italy over the next 5 years with the goal of meeting the demands of both Italian and international consumers.

Worldwide, the Ondine project continues to grow in stages, with plantations in France, Spain, South Africa, Chile and Australia set up over the last 5 years. The project in Italy is the newest addition, and very soon other origins will be added to guarantee the supply from both hemispheres to the European consumer.

Alfonso Rivera, Frutaria’s CEO
“It is truly a privilege to have such relevant players as Agrintesa and Mazzoni join the Ondine flat stone fruit project of our French innovation subsidiary Agro Selection Fruits. From the beginning, they have strongly put their trust in our varietal range and in the fundamentals of the project’s development. Without a doubt, it is an opportunity for these pioneers, who will help Italian flat fruit regain the place it deserves both in a domestic and international context.”

Cristian Moretti, Agrintesa’s Managing Director
“For a couple of years, we have been keeping an eye on PPA varieties that we consider very interesting both from a productive and a commercial point of view. The Ondine series brings together very homogeneous flat nectarine varieties and will be the first to be developed on a European scale in a major way within the Ondine club project.”

“Our associates will have the opportunity to make this important varietal innovation happen through a specific development project already defined in recent months. The marketing will be carried out both on the domestic market and abroad through the company Alegra. Interest from our entire supply chain is high and in recent months some 13 hectares have already been planted. Following product innovation and new consumer trends is something Agrintesa has always stood out with, and with Ondine, we continue to do so.”

Luigi Mazzoni, Mazzoni Group
“We are enthusiastically taking part in an innovative project characterized by excellence. The Ondine project responds to the demand for innovation in the stone fruit sector, which for too many years has suffered from poor organization of the supply and a lack of distinctive products able to generate value for the producer and the consumer. We were favorably impressed by the quality of Agro Selection Fruits’ genetics and its development project, in line with other varietal clubs in which our group has been involved for years.”

“We plan to produce the flat nectarines of the Ondine series in both the northern and southern zones. In this first period of activity, we have already planted more than 10 hectares, including all the varieties available in the program. We are receiving great interest from the market and we believe that the Ondine project will allow us to further improve our stone fruit supply.”

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