How much did it cost to produce a hectare of aubergines in a greenhouse in Almeria this campaign?

According to an analysis carried out by Hortoinfo, based on the data of the Observatory of Prices and Markets of the Junta de Andalucía, the cost of growing one hectare of long-type aubergine without grafting in a greenhouse in Almeria during the season that is ending stood at 40,830 euro.

The average price for this type of aubergine during the 2020/2021 season, still pending the last adjustments, was € 0.59/kg. This price is based on the information provided by 30 auctions and marketers, the average prices of categories I and II weighed with the sales volumes in the reporting companies.

The latest production costs provided by the Andalusian Price Observatory correspond to the 2019/2020 campaign, which Hortoinfo has updated by increasing them by 2% for the 2020/2021 campaign – the average increase observed from one campaign to another according to the data of the Observatory. Thus, the average cost of growing aubergines in the campaign that just ended was 4,083 euro per square meter and € 0.302/kg, taking into account that – according to the Observatory- the average production stood at 13.5 kilos per square meter.

These operating costs refer to the cultivation of long aubergine in a cycle from August or September to May, which includes the labor provided by the farmer’s family, the costs related to the amortization of the greenhouse, facilities, machinery, and others. They yield a net profit of € 0.288/kg and, considering that the average production was 13.5 kilos per square meter, an average gross income of 79,650 euro per hectare, which, after deducting expenses, amounts to a net income of 38,820 euro per hectare.

The amortization costs include the amortization of the greenhouse itself, sand and substrate, plastic, irrigation installation, water irrigation pond, warehouse, irrigation booth, machinery, vehicle, and other minor ones.



Source: Fresh Plaza