Ina Quipatsi, Peru’s first Ginger and Turmeric Farmer School, is born

In 2020, Peruvian ginger obtained great notoriety in the European market with a $ 38.6 million FOB value and in the United States market, with $ 41.5 million. Peru positioned itself as the 4th most important exporter of ginger in the world with a growth of 155% in the FOB value compared to 2019, due to the acceptance of the quality of Peruvian ginger in the world, its organic status, and focus on sustainability. In the 2021 campaign, Peru exported 12,040 tons of Peruvian ginger up until August for a FOB value of $ 17.5 million and an average price of $1.49 FOB dollars / KG (May-August). Production is expected to increase in the coming months, as Europe enters its winter season.

More than 90% of the Peruvian ginger is grown in the central jungle of Junin, as the provinces of Chanchamayo and Satipo have the edaphoclimatic conditions to produce organic high-quality ginger, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru. Producers have already started planting organic ginger in the area for the next season.

Elisur Organic is improving and contributing with specialized advisers to increase the agricultural productivity and quality of organic productions in the area. At present, producers in the Central Jungle of Peru grow ginger in a traditional way, based on hereditary and natural techniques.

That is why Elisur Organic created Ina Quipatsi, the first Ginger and Turmeric Farmers School in Peru. In Asháninka (a native language of Peru), the name of the school means mother earth. This school aims to facilitate and generate greater knowledge to ginger and turmeric farmers through practical teachings on the farmers’ farms. In addition, Ina Quipatsi has strategic public and private alliances to achieve a great impact that they have been developing in the main localities in the heart of the central jungle of Peru.

Elisur Organic seeks to revalue and transmit the best traditional knowledge as well as the new tools and research of modern production, generating greater knowledge and education for ginger farmers so they can improve their production and quality of life. The first training took place in the towns of San Jose Shori – Pichanaki and Alto Campirushari – Mazamari, and it was a success. The topics covered were Health and safety, and the preparation of biol for ginger crops. The event had the support of SENASA (National Agriculture Security Service), INIA (National Institute of Agrarian Innovation), and the participation of the Agronomists of Elisur Organic.

Elisur Organic hopes this initiative helps farmers increase their productivity, improving their economy and quality of life while betting on environmental care and a circular economy contributing to the development of the central jungle of Peru.

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