It is possible to drink fruit with a professional fruit juicer

The increasingly frenetic rhythms of a modern and dynamic society impose stressful lifestyles for the human bodies. It is not always possible to remedy the lack of time for the preparation of traditional dishes. However, it is possible to compensate meals that require a long preparation with healthy and nutritious foods. Fresh fruit drinks can certainly help us, while also treating ourselves to the pleasure of a fruit juice. 

Paola Nicolosi

One of the most practical and safe ways to obtain juice from any fruit or citrus fruit is the patented Spremisalute® juicer. The mission of Ippocrate, the company that invented the machine, is to increase the consumption of fresh fruit in juice. Spremisalute is used in hotels, restaurants, large-scale retail trade, schools, hospitals, canteens, bars and cafes, freeway refreshment points, gyms, spas.

“Fruit is enjoyed at all times and there is only one way to obtain cold whole fruit presses, and that is by using the Spremisalute machine. The first and only machine in the world that squeezes pineapple, pomegranate, all citrus fruits, watermelons, melons, tomatoes. It is a patented process, unique in its kind, practical, totally sanitizable, safe and easy to use and for this reason it is a leading product chosen by the most important companies of the horeca system,” said Paola Nicolosi, marketing manager of the company.

Health squeezer, on the left model SP1, on the right model SP2

How this machine works                                                            “Thanks to the innovative and unique cold pressing system, Spremisalute extracts 100% of the juice, pulp and fibers from the fruit. Its mechanism allows to obtain all the integral qualities of the fruit and keep them intact. This way, each sip provides the benefits of vitamins, proteins, minerals, antioxidants, potassium, citrulline, bromelain and naringenin, the latter especially useful in the prevention of viruses. The cold pressed juices obtained with our machine are, therefore, nutraceutical and provide a boost of energy and health, strengthen the immune system. Juices are useful in the nutrition of children and elderly people, especially when there is difficulty in chewing”.

Spremisalute is produced in two models, the SP1, composed by a single cup and equipped with buttons/touch; the SP2, composed by a double cup and equipped with buttons/touch. The first one has a height of 870 mm, a width of 300.5 mm, a depth of 335 mm and a weight of 25 kg. Its speed per juice is 8 seconds for pineapple and pomegranate juice, 6 seconds for all the other fruits. The strong point of this machine is its minimal size and the possibility of adjusting productivity according to the demands of juice expected at the point of sale. The SP2, on the other hand, is 870 mm high, 460.5 mm wide, 335 mm deep and weighs 33 kg. It maintains the same pressing speed.

With its Spremisalute, the ItaIian company Ippocrate has partnered with the Rotary Club Duomo 150 of Catania for a food project that aims to combat childhood obesity and prevent metabolic malfunctions through the promotion of the Mediterranean Diet. Spremisalute has been awarded the PID 2019, placing itself at the first place in Sicily and among the top ten at a national level among the innovative industries 4.0 Unioncamere.

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