July / August 2021 – Western Grocer



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22 Buying in Your Own Backyard
Western Canadians are closer to their homegrown food more than ever.

41 September Strategies
Back to school merchandising and products have changed – for the better.

43 Functional and Flavourful
Consumers’ demand for innovative offerings transforms the salty snack section.

47 Winners Announced for 28th Annual Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards

53 The Nuts and Bolts of Farm to Plate
Rossdown Farms’ integration brings new meaning to the term ‘quality control’.

61 Thinking Inside and Outside the Box
The new normal in Alberta’s Food Industry.

64 Blimey Good Sales
British foods abound.

67 Dairy Alternatives Booming

69 The Evolution of Convenience
What consumers want from convenient foods is changing, and suppliers and manufacturers have some great options to meet those expectations.

71 On The Rise
Consumers are back in the kitchen.

On Our Cover
15 Small Communities with Big Togetherness
Tru Value Foods celebrates 30 years of being both a neighbourhood grocer and part of the neighbourhood.

Cover Photography: Tru Value Foods

6 Market Update
13 Retail Collaboration
74 In the Bag
78 Taking Stock

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