JustKitchen opens new location in Taoyuan Environmental Science and Technology Park

VANCOUVER — Just Kitchen Holdings Corp. has announced the opening of an exclusive ghost kitchen location at Jialong Technology Inc. within the Taoyuan Environmental Science and Technology Park.

The ghost kitchen company says this locale represents the only area of its kind in Northern Taiwan. This partner says it will also provide JustKitchen-branded meals to other manufacturers in the Taoyuan Technology Industrial Zone. Taoyuan Tech Park’s key areas focus on the manufacturing of electrical and electronic equipment, metal and machinery.

In its announcement, JustKitchen described a high level of local demand for catered food. JustKitchen also says it will be the only vendor working to provide ready-to-eat meals to Huanke Road manufacturers in the Taoyuan Technology Industrial Zone.

Just like their arrangements in the Hsinchu Science Park, the company says this location within JT’s offices enables JustKitchen to expand its business-to-business service offering.

The terms of the commercial arrangement dictate that JT will provide all capital expenditures for the ghost kitchen while the company will pay JT for rent, water and electricity via a profit-sharing mechanism.

The Taoyuan Tech Park is located across Baiyu Lane, Guanyin Lane and Dataan Lane in the Guanyin District, Taoyuan City, covering nearly 77 acres.

“Securing an exclusive ghost kitchen location within the Taoyuan Tech Park and being able to provide a high volume of JustKitchen-branded meals to JT’s employees, as well as those of other manufacturers in the area by way of remote ordering technology, is yet another opportunity for us to showcase JKOS,” said Jason Chen, co-founder and chief executive officer of JustKitchen in a statement.

“This contract allows us to broaden the distribution network of our brands in a way that is light on capital expenditures yet reaches a large number of captive customers. I credit this agility to our maturing tech stack and robust brand portfolio.”

Source: www.canadianmanufacturing.com