Kazoo Snacks Tortilla Chips | Progressive Grocer

Upcycled product Kazoo Snacks offers consumers the first water-saving tortilla chip. The product is made using 40% upcycled corn germ, which reduces the company’s water footprint by at least 20 gallons per bag. The corn used to make the chips is primarily harvested from generational farms in Iowa and turned into a snack via a proprietary manufacturing process, rather than used as animal feed. Kazoo is on a mission to conserve 1 billion gallons of fresh water by 2025. Available varieties are Restaurant Style, Bite-sized and Lime Zest, all of which are vegan, kosher and gluten-free. At 140 calories per serving, the 100% natural chips are packed with fiber, calcium and potassium. An 11-ounce bag of any variety retails for a suggested price range of $4.49-$4.99.