La Unión opens its first collection center in Velez-Malaga

La Unión Corp., a leading company in the commercialization of fruits and vegetables, has opened its first food collection center in Velez-Malaga, in response to the significant increase in the production of tropical fruits in the area. With this new opening, La Unión now has more than 30 collection centers operating in Spain.

“We expect a growth of nearly 2 million kg in mango and 4 to 5 million kg in avocado,” the company stated.

This initiative to collect fresh and healthy food will introduce tropical fruits in Velez and create new job opportunities due to the incipient need for personnel, infrastructure, and machinery.

The opening of this center reinforces La Unión’s expansion strategy and responds to the needs of farmers in the area.

Currently, La Unión leads the sector with more than 400,000 tons of fruit and vegetable products sold in Europe, allocating more than 80% of this production to European markets. The company has 30 operations centers distributed between Almeria, Granada, and Murcia, 1,300 employees, and 3 laboratories that perform more than 64,000 analyzes a year.

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La Unión Corp. 
Polígono Industrial La Redonda,
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04700 El Ejido, Almería (España)
Tel.: +34 950 580 800

Source: Fresh Plaza