Label Investments acquires Tropical Organic Growers

Label Investments, an investment vehicle specialized in technology and the agrifood sector, created in 2018 by former Planasa president Alexandre Pierron Darbonne together with the company’s CEO Rolando Leyton, has just closed the acquisition of Tropical Organic Growers.

Based in the state of Colima, on the Mexican Pacific shore, one of the few sites in the world suitable for the production of organic bananas thanks to its dry subtropical climate, Tropical Organic Growers markets some 50,000 tons of organic bananas, primarily in the United States and Japan, and plans to double this volume in the next 5 years.

Tropical Organic Growers markets its own production, grown on its nearly 550 hectares of plantations. The fruit is also supplied by carefully selected associated growers, who are supervised by a dedicated team that guarantees strict compliance with the company’s high quality standards. Tropical Organic Growers meets the highest quality standards and is in possession of the most demanding organic and sustainable development certificates in the market. It is also proud to have been the first fruit and vegetable company in Mexico certified by Disney.

Rolando Leyton, founder and CEO of Tropical Organic Growers, said that “Label Investments is the ideal partner for Tropical Organic Growers in this time of strong development. They have some unique experience in the agricultural sector and the industry in Mexico and will support us in achieving our objective: to become a leader in Mexico in the production and marketing of organic tropical fruit.”

Alexandre Pierron Darbonne, founder and CEO of Label Investments, said that “organic bananas have a penetration of less than 10%, far below that of other fruit and vegetable categories, which is inexplicable when you consider that conventional bananas are one of the most pesticide-treated fruits and their production is unsustainable. Organic banana consumption is growing at over 10% per year and we think it has the potential to largely replace conventional bananas in certain markets over the next few years.”

“Rolo and his team managed to successfully set up and develop Tropical Organic Growers from scratch in 2016, which is incredible. We are convinced they are the ideal team to lead that transformation.”

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