Lancashire tomato grower bigs up British tomatoes at Blackpool Tower

Everyone has a favourite tomato-based recipe. A cherry-rich salad; a superbly tangy soup; passata perfection; a healthy snack combo; tomatoes on toast…

Now, flying the flag for British Tomato Fortnight, grower of top-tier premium tomatoes, Flavourfresh, have come up with their own British-grown recipe for tomato success…at Blackpool Tower.  The ingredients? Four Union Jack sprites, two British iconic dresses, a mini-mascot and a huge tomato – seasoned with Spring sunshine, mixed well and placed on the steps of the iconic Lancashire landmark.

British Tomato Fortnight 24 May – 6 June 2021
The Flavourfresh Tomato Team took their British-grown tomatoes to the foot of Blackpool Tower in May in preparations for British Tomato Fortnight 2021, which runs from 24 May to 6 June.  The campaign, led by the British Tomato Growers Association of which Flavourfresh are members, encourages retailers, growers and tomato buffs to share recipes, celebrate flavours and promote the superior benefits of British-grown tomatoes; namely flavour, texture and wholesome all-year-round appeal.

The BTGA are also encouraging tomato fans to share their own domestically-grown tomatoes-on-toast creations on social media, tagging @britishtomatoes (Instagram and TikTok) or @BritishTomatoGrowersAssociation (Facebook) with the hashtag #tomsontoast.

Produce Perfection
One of the Flavourfresh team having fun flying the flag at Blackpool Tower is Andy Roe, responsible for achieving consistent produce perfection, season after season.

“We’re a bit obsessed with growing only the tastiest produce. Every fruit, every vine, every pack, every crop, we fine-tune the best flavour in every tomato. Producing all-year-round, season-after-season superior flavours doesn’t happen by chance. Our production is pinpoint-perfect, optimising flavours, yields and ensuring continuous availability of British-grown premium tomatoes to keep supermarkets self-sufficient with UK produce.”

British-grown tomatoes, all year round
The Lancashire-based growers are famed for their deliciously unique baby plum Delisher vine tomatoes, the exquisite cherry Piccolo and the tastebud-tingling Nebula, among others. These salad favourites, available in the premier brand aisles at food retailers including M&S, Asda, Morrisons, Co Op and Booths, are grown under glass at the 17-hectare site near Southport.

Already picking for almost two months, the summer commercial production continues at pace to ensure continuous availability and consistency of taste impact throughout the year.  Annually producing 2,700 tonnes of tomatoes, feeding the nation and operating safely throughout the pandemic and in the face of Brexit fall-out, the Flavourfresh team have been active in commercial fruit and berry production since 1997.

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Source: Fresh Plaza