Laumont creates solidarity gourmet box with AFANOC, helping children with cancer

This Christmas, Laumont, Spanish company dealing in the sale and distribution of truffles & mushrooms, has launched a social and solidarity project with AFANOC, the Catalan Association for Children with Cancer.

The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness of childhood cancer, to publicise the work done by AFANOC to support families throughout the disease and to help the organisation financially.

The initiative consists of the creation of a gourmet solidarity pack containing various truffle products (oil, carpaccio and truffle sauce) designed especially for Christmas meals. The gift can be purchased at Laumont’s online store at, and Laumont will donate €5 from each gourmet box sold to AFANOC.

Laumont creates solidarity gourmet box with AFANOC, helping children with cancer

The pandemic has seriously affected the situation of AFANOC as a third sector entity. These restrictions have prevented the organisation from carrying out its large-scale events, which were its main source of income to finance all the services it provides free of charge to families, both in Barcelona’s referral hospitals (Vall d’Hebron and Sant Joan de Déu) and in “La Casa dels Xuklis”, a flat run by AFANOC that serves as temporary accommodation for children and teenagers with cancer and their families during their treatment. In addition, the need for care has increased, as the situation of families has worsened due to the health emergency.

In order to promote the work of the organisation, it has been produced a box with gastronomic products, which includes an explanation of the project in three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English) and which presents the Xuklis, one of the symbols of AFANOC. Xuklis are magical beings so called because they have the ability to suck out the bad feelings that the child’s cancer generates in the family environment. The Xuklis “work” in the paediatric oncology and haematology departments of children’s cancer reference hospitals.

This is the first collaboration between AFANOC and Laumont, which is very optimistic about this Christmas campaign and hopes to return to the normality that existed before the pandemic.

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