Letters: Airline subsidies make no sense if serious about the environment

An open letter to the minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada:

Dear Minister Bibeau,

The $6.9 billion in support announced for Air Canada is assisting the industry most guilty of polluting the environment, while at the same time the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are severely discriminating against the farmers of Canada by imposing on them the Clean Fuel Standard proposals. 

Apparently economic activity trumps the environment in this political aspect, versus that of the most necessary activity of growing food for life on planet Earth or clean air and water. 

Apparently, only the twisted moral value you puppet politicians have is drama politics to baffle-lead a non-thinking, confused population about trade that benefits profits of the transnational corporations at the expense of the environment and Canada’s sovereignty.

An example of this in agriculture is the dominant grain companies exporting large amounts of corn and soybeans in the fall and early spring overseas on boats, leaving Canada short of these foodstuffs to again be transported/imported when needed for Canada’s domestic use later in the year. The environment is polluted when exported, all so these corporations can achieve profits with no regard for the environment.

Meanwhile, you harass and abuse the individual primary growers with bureaucratic, illogical and unnecessary regulations, pretending to save the environment.

Bonnie and Clyde (Freeland and Trudeau) are robbing Canada and Canadian society for the sake of mainly non-Canadian transnational corporations, under the guise of world trade, at the expensive of the mental sanity and sovereignty of Canadians. Agriculture is only part of the sellout robbery.

I ask you, Minsiter Bibeau, to resign as minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and sit as an independent member of the House of Commons. I urge you to keep your sanity. 

Yours truly,
Donald R. MacDonald
Brechin, ON

Source: Farmtario.com