Letters to the editor – October 7, 2021

Ivermectin — we don’t agree

I am writing to express my dismay and disappointment that your paper would publish the tasteless and false cartoon regarding the use of ivermectin.

Actually ivermectin is a common and safe human pharmaceutical used worldwide. Most recently it is being used in many countries as an inexpensive treatment for COVID-19. Several studies have confirmed its effectiveness. So is it possible that people are attempting to purchase veterinarian grade ivermectin because the human variety has been arbitrarily banned in Canada?

I enjoy your paper because I have found it to be informative and impartial. In the interest of journalistic integrity, I urge you to stop following the herd and take the time to do your own fact finding. You can and need to do better.

Bev Hallett
Sundre. Alta.

PM needs to be more aware of situations

Indigenous Canadians, and indeed most Canadians – including Liberal supporters – should have good reason to be upset; no incensed, really, over our prime minister’s lack of recognition to the first Truth and Reconciliation Day.

Instead of any real reflection of the day, what does he do? He takes his family on vacation to Tofino, B.C. Which, on top of a useless $600 million election that really proved nothing, cost Canadian taxpayers even more of our hard-earned dollars.

Flying with a small group – his family and no doubt security people, that trip flies totally in the face of what he tries to have Canadians believe he feels about the environment. His staff first said that he was in Ottawa conducting business. But that, as we know, was not truth.

His talk of fighting climate change is also bogus. Think of the air miles flown during the election campaign, or the trip to Tofino, burning what the greenies tell us is polluting the atmosphere further. Plus, the added cost to Canadian taxpayers for someone who feels in his role, he can do whatever he wishes, and stick us with the tab.

When will Canadians wake up and give him the boot and get some real leadership in this country? When will he realize how his actions often reflect in a negative manner on his leadership?

I must add “kudos” to The Western Producer for some very thoughtful articles and editorials on Truth and Reconciliation in the Sept. 30 issue. It showed a true sense of what this day was supposed to mean, and not just another day off or a vacation time.

Les Dunford
Dapp, Alta.

Hey, thanks for the hay

We are cattle ranchers who have seen a lot of ups and downs in our 50 year career.

Today, we want to thank grain farmers for their help during this extreme drought.

We appreciate the many farmers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan who dropped their straw so it could be baled and made available to livestock producers.

We realize doing that can interrupt the grain farming routine and has a nutrient cost, but from the bottom of their hearts, the cows and the ranchers of the Prairies thank you!

Bob Dyck
Ste. Rose du Lac, Man.

Vaccine heritage misunderstood

I read the letter from Rupert Theuerer in the Sept. 23 issue so I checked with my daughter, a registered nurse.  She said back in the 1960s some vaccines were produced with cell lines provided from abortion, but no vaccines, including COVID vaccines, are produced that way now.

Keith Carroll
Dawson Creek, B.C

Source: producer.com