“Limited volumes of ginger ensure good balance in supply and demand”

The demand for ginger is rising. Especially now that the hospitality industry is being allowed to open its doors again in many countries, the demand for ginger is good. “We currently have ginger available from China. We receive new containers each week and we are very satisfied with the quality of the ginger,” says Sophie Ye of KX Food.

“There is not as much competition on the ginger market at the moment. The supply is limited, so there is a good balance between demand and supply. As a result, the price of ginger is at a good level and is rising weekly. We expect the supply to increase somewhat next month, because we will also be receiving ginger from Brazil and Peru then,” says Sophie.

In addition to ginger, KX Food also has turmeric and purple sweet potato in its range. “Next week we expect to receive the first turmeric from Peru. The purple sweet potato season is running a bit slow. The demand should pick up a little,” Sophie concludes.

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KX Food 
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Source: Fresh Plaza