Loblaws switches to recyclable packaging on coffee products

Produced by Loblaw’s long-time partner Club Coffee, the new AromaPak with Boardio technology is made with a minimum of 80 per cent paper content from renewable, recyclable and sustainable Forest Stewardship Council-sourced tree fibres.  This new packaging has earned the PC team a 2022 Global Packaging Award for Package Innovation and Sustainable Design.

“The PC brand is known for innovation. While that has always meant having the newest flavours and food trends, it increasingly means leading the way with sustainable packaging,” said Kathlyne Ross, vice- president of product development and innovation at Loblaw Companies. “We know the impact our products can have on the environment and we are committed to being part of the solution. This new recyclable packaging is another step on our journey in eliminating waste and reducing greenhouse gas emissions across our operations.”

Source: www.foodincanada.com