Malawi smallholder farmers advised to seriously work on banana cultivation

A couple years ago, Malawi was ravaged by the banana bunchy top disease that forced the Ministry of Agriculture to advise farmers to destroy all their crops, to start all over again after it had been controlled. Meanwhile, bananas were being imported from neighboring countries.

One grower said farmers hope the disease will not turn up again, they are now encouraged to take up effective banana cultivation:  “But you know what, the positive outcome of that disease is that most people are now aware that this is a big business. It is now common to hear people or groups going into banana production across the country and not just in those traditional banana growing areas. I hope the right arms of government are preparing to assist farmers with the next phase — the market.”

Among the challenges of proper banana growing is proper land preparation, procuring appropriate manure and the waiting period when you have to keep investing without realizing any returns.


Source: Fresh Plaza