Mangoes will undergo first IPM Model to meet international demand

Pakistan’s Agriculture Secretary, Saqib Ali Ateel, has directed agri scientists and extension officials to develop an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) model for mangoes to ensure these fruits will meet international market demands for its bulk export, attracting higher foreign exchange earnings.

“We need to shift from traditional practice of relying on pesticides to kill mango enemy pests to IMP model if we want to increase mango exports,” Saqib said in a meeting chaired other day to discuss an IMP model for the mango crop.

According to Saqib, south Punjab mangoes are a potent source of foreign exchange earnings, adding that farmers need to employ modern technology and adopt new methods keeping in view the market demand and weather conditions. reports on Saqib ordering officials to come up with an IPM model for mangoes at the earliest with details of cultural, mechanical and biological control of pests and with recommendations of least possible application of pesticides.

Source: Fresh Plaza