Nagel-Group offers online daily price queries

The Nagel-Group has introduced a digital general cargo solution. Via the corporate website of Germany’s largest food logistics company, temperature-controlled food transports can now also be calculated and booked on a daily basis using an online rate calculator. For this, the Nagel-Group relies on the white-label solution from Pamyra, a startup specializing in online sales tools for freight forwarders.

Since June 2021, the Nagel-Group has been offering a transparent pricing and booking service that can be accessed directly via the homepage of the company website. With just a few clicks, general cargo orders can be calculated and booked via an intuitive interface. The daily updated rates and conditions are always available – for any transport route, any shipment size and at any time.

Digital general cargo solution: Nagel-Group offers online daily price inquiry. Photo: Nagel-Group

“As one of the technology leaders in food logistics, we want to offer our customers the smartest and most efficient booking process possible to ensure reliable and speedy processing at all times,” Marcel Vogler, Executive Director Transport at Nagel-Group explains. “With the integration of the digital daily price calculator, we become transaction-capable online and can also optimize the processes of daily business internally.”

Digitization and automated data handling are not only the focus of Pamyra and the Nagel-Group. In the age of Siri, smart devices and a comprehensive range of mobile data services, customers are used to having permanent access to information and services. Vogler confirms that this expectation has also spread to the B2B sector: “Today’s customers expect to be able to call up information independently in real time. Our new online solution enables a continuous flow of data here, with which we can offer new customers in particular a decisive added value.”

The implementation of the white-label solution Pamyra4You could be realized in just a few weeks. “Our partners from Pamyra and the Nagel-Group colleagues from the project team worked great together. Now we are excited to see how the new offering is received,” Marcel Vogler says.

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