New book captures stories from leaders in Canadian corporations during pandemic

TORONTO —  Signal / McClelland & Stewart has published a collection of first-person accounts on leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic from twenty-nine chief executives at Canadian companies.

The publication titled, Unprecedented: Canada’s Top CEO’s on Leadership During COVID-19, came together under the research and editing of Steve Mayer, president of Greenhill Canada and vice chairman of Greenhill & Co. as well as Andrew Willis, business columnist for the Globe & Mail.

“The book is meant for anyone in Canada who wants to know how the brands they touch each day, the companies they rely on, kept moving forward through COVID. We hope those in business, now and in the future, learn something from these shared experiences. Going forward, we hope this book serves as a reminder of an unprecedented challenge to Canada. A crisis we overcame together, and one we emerged from stronger than ever,” reads the book’s introduction.

The collection is composed of stories from senior leaders at long term care homes, grocery stores and retailers, airlines and hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, shopping malls and the lessons they learned as they tried to manage a crisis. Their stories are shared through personal essays and proceeds from book sales will go to United Way Centraide Canada for COVID recovery across the country. Twenty-nine companies have pledged more than $3.5 millon for this project.