New club pack for peaches to hit stores mid-June

Titan Farms is introducing two new club packs this summer to meet the increasing demand for pre-packaged fruit. These 3 lb. and 4 lb. club packs will assist retailers with e-commerce needs. The durable yet breathable packaging will provide protection required for peaches as well as added convenience for shoppers and retail associates.

“Behind these two new club packs was the need to address the trend toward packaged produce items during the pandemic, which we anticipate will continue into post-pandemic life as well,” said Ross Williams, director of packaging operations and food safety. “Something that’s going to be hard for people to forget is their produce consumption practices during the pandemic when they leaned more toward packaged items.”

Titan Farms’ new 3 lb. and 4 lb. club packs will appear in stores in mid-June and be available through the end of August. The 4 lb. pack will be offered in the grower’s Titan brand, as well as under several Costco brands. The 3 lb. pack will feature Titan’s premium Lori Anne Peaches, which are only available to select retailers nationwide.

“If it looks good, they’ll buy it once. But if it tastes good, they’ll buy it twice,” said Williams. “And because of our soil characteristics and microclimate here on the Ridge, there is no peach better than a South Carolina peach, and specifically a peach grown by Titan Farms.”

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Source: Fresh Plaza