New salsas launched in time for summer

F&S Produce Co., makers of Sam’s Fresh Salsa, introduced two new line extensions this month: a “smooth” medium-heat Cantina Style Salsa and “delightfully zesty” Salsa Verde. The family-owned food manufacturer located in New Jersey’s southern agricultural heartland also introduced its first limited-time offer (LTO), a Watermelon Jicama Salsa, available from June through September. All three products are packaged in 12-ounce plastic containers with resealable lids.

“Our current line up is a Pico de Gallo style salsa, meaning it has a chunkier, thicker, diced texture. We’ve heard from consumers that they like the restaurant- style, or ‘Cantina’ style salsa, which is smooth and blended and can be used as salsa as well as a sauce and a spread,” says Melissa Mackay, director of marketing and product development.

The Cantina Style Salsa features a blend of traditional tomato-based salsa flavors such as garlic and onion, with a touch of medium heat from fresh jalapeno and a zing of lime juice and salt. The Salsa Verde is a zesty tomatillo-based salsa kept simple with garlic, onion and fresh herbs and spices. Both have a 30-day shelf life.

F&S Produce Co. has introduced a new, limited-time offer salsa, Watermelon Jicama Salsa (above) along with two line extensions: a Cantina Style Salsa and Salsa Verde.

The Watermelon Jicama Salsa is based with this bright red iconic summer melon and blended with diced jicama for a singular and satisfying crunch. The shelf life is 15 days.

“This is our first introduction of an LTO flavor, so we wanted to be sure it was clearly seasonal and hit the mark for the warmer months. We suggest enjoying our Watermelon Jicama Salsa as a topping on fresh seafood, such as roasted salmon or blackened tilapia. Or, as a refreshing dip, sauce or baste for summertime barbecued shrimp kabobs,” says Mackay.

F&S Produce plans to launch a new seasonally flavored LTO salsa this fall.

The company suggests merchandising these new salsas at eye level on refrigerated shelving in line with existing Sam’s Fresh Salsa flavors.

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