New season for Barattì®-apulian sensation

The new season of Barattì®-apulian sensation is about to start. “Barattì is the brand dedicated to the Cumelo, which is listed in the Index of Traditional Foods of the Apulia Region. We also made significant investments in communicating this crop and tried to convey its nutritional value and beneficial properties,” said Cosimo Leggiero of the Miss Freschezza Italian brand.

“We have achieved excellent success thanks to meticulous varietal research. We looked for the best characteristics of soil and irrigation water, and we didn’t overlook the packaging either, which kept the quality intact. The period of this melon runs from about mid-May to the end of September. For the southern Italy area, we have an exclusive agreement with the Megamark group, with whom we have been working for several years and who have embraced our project. We are proud of it,” continued Leggiero.

“The collaboration with The Greenery Italia will also continue this year. We started in 2019 (see Freshplaza of 07/01/2019) and we are supplying some Dutch and German supermarket chains with our crop under the Cumelo brand. Consumers appreciate it, because many tourists on vacation in Apulia were able to taste and discover it. Now they can also find it in their own country.”

Meanwhile, the 2021 potato season has started, after some difficulties due to late frosts. “The fields are currently showing excellent vegetation, so we will get high quality. This year, in addition to the cardboard packs of 4 and 12 kg, we have introduced a paper bag of 1.5-2 kg. This one is fully recyclable.”

Today, the packaging itself can express the values of the company. Modern consumers are very sensitive to issues such as sustainability, respect for the environment and fair trade. “The bag allows us to ensure that our new potato has appropriate protection from light and at the same time conveys information on the territory of cultivation. By purchasing this potato, consumers are not only choosing taste, but also the values of our company.”

Soft fruit
The Piccoli frutti made in Puglia project continues. “We grow blackberries alongside raspberries and the first results are very encouraging in terms of quality. This is an early variety grown on substrate. The harvest of raspberries is 10 days late compared to last year. At that time, there were mainly crops from Morocco on the market. Prices were high due to a lack of supply. The Italian raspberry has an advantage in terms of freshness.”

“It’s very interesting for us to enter these market segments and to make a difference in terms of quality and freshness. We deliver to the large-scale retail trade platforms 2 hours after the harvest and, for delicate products such as blackberries and raspberries, this is a great added value. Although the Horeca sector has been stagnant, consumption of small fruits is evolving and now we expect further improvements due to openings.”

“We will continue to invest in the research and development of small fruits here in South Italy, by selecting the varieties that best suit our climate. Alongside the production of blackberries and raspberries, we are already planning that of blueberries. We have scheduled a transplant for February 2022, the first useful date for us, on about 2 hectares,” concluded Leggiero.

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Source: Fresh Plaza