“New Zealand Kiwanos are here”

Source: Fresh Plaza

This week, at long last, Kiwanos arrived from New Zealand in the Netherlands again. They were delivered to Bud Holland’s warehouse. This exotic fruit isn’t flown in very often. Its counterparts are generally obtained from closer-by countries. These fruits are imported virtually all year round from France, Croatia, and Ecuador. That’s according to Bud Holland’s Peter Hobert. He says the New Zealand Kiwano is the best available. But it’s significantly costlier to get.

The fruit has a different name outside New Zealand. “Kiwano is a registered trademark. It may only be sold under that name by the rightful grower in New Zealand. And his partners, as resellers,” says Peter. Outside of New Zealand, this fruit is called a horned melon. The Kiwano fruit is from a plant in the cucumber family. It originated in the Kalahari Desert in Africa. It’s green/orange to completely orange. It has jelly-like green, tangy flesh and edible seeds.

The Kiwano is an exclusive, exotic fruit that’s highly decorative. It tastes like a combination of banana, melon, and cucumber. The juice is a great thirst-quencher. The fruit keeps best and longest at an average temperature. COVID-19 has, of course, put a little pressure on the sale of this unique fruit. That’s confirmed by a decline in sales, especially to the high-end segment. These are places like restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, airlines, and holiday resorts.

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