Opening the Door to Energy Savings

NORTH PRAIRIE, WI—June 7, 2021—Zero Zone, a leading manufacturer of refrigerated display cases and refrigeration systems, announces the introduction of the Zero Zone Reveal Merchandiser® with Doors display case product line.

Food retailers have long expressed their love of the original Reveal Merchandiser® open multi-deck cases for their horizontal merchandising platform and easy access to products. They have increasingly asked for a closed-case version with glass doors for certain applications in order to help control their burgeoning energy costs. The Reveal Merchandiser® with Doors gives them the best of both worlds: as much as 71% energy reduction (compared to open multi-decks) and the ability to merchandise their products either in a 48-inch horizontal planogram or in a 24-inch vertical planogram.

According to Dan O’Brien, VP of Sales & Marketing for Zero Zone, “the Reveal Merchandiser® with Doors complements its other Zero Zone display case counterparts, creating a sleek, consistent appearance throughout the store. Choosing Zero Zone merchandisers helps retailers pull together the look of their entire store design.”

The Reveal Merchandiser® product line has flourished and grown since its introduction in 2017, adding Tall, Meat Exclusive (MX), Produce Exclusive (PX), Hybrid™, and now Reveal™ with Doors. Whatever the case may be, the Reveal Merchandiser® with Doors is the open and shut case for merchandising flexibility and energy savings.

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About Zero Zone

Established in 1961, Zero Zone has display case facilities in North Prairie, Pewaukee, and Waukesha, WI, and a refrigeration systems plant in Ramsey, MN. Zero Zone is a leading manufacturer of refrigerated glass door display cases, open multi-decks, and commercial refrigeration systems for supermarkets, drug, dollar, and convenience stores, and manufactures industrial refrigeration systems for cold storage, food processing, ice arenas, and the pharmaceutical/biomedical industry.