Optimising crop’s productive potential

The critical points for defining crops’ productive potential often occur at less-than-optimal times for the perfect development of the final product. Farmers must accurately and timely provide the necessary nutritional, performance and protection optimisation factors.

Key general physiological processes in defining the productive potential are establishment/rooting, reproduction, setting and maturation. It is critical to promote a fast and efficient rooting with the least possible energy expenditure, promote viable reproductive organs and avoid abortions. These actions will enhance fruit maturation and colouring; increase total soluble solids, plant tissues’ density and consequent fruit weight and, thus, improve production.

Biostimulants play an essential role in activating and promoting the physiological and hormonal reactions from which these processes will benefit. 

An active energy and sugar flow, with less “astringency,” helps the plant create an efficient root complex with self-regulated volume for optimal production. 

The presence of auxins and cytokinin is essential for growth. Cytokinin’s action is based on cellular meristem formation and the promotion of cell division. Auxins occur in the plant cell wall, causing cell distension, elongation and root and plant growth.

IMPRO-SET® ROOT serves as hormonal, nutritional and stimulating support in this critical phase, adjusting and bolstering vital energy while activating crucial enzymatic and hormonal reactions for optimal root development.

Flowering and maturation are periods of great physiological stress, during which we must supply all possible external energy and activate and support reproduction’s parallel processes.

During maturation, the plant channels energy and resources to the productive organs, ensuring its prosperity and offspring through viable seeds or planting material. This complex system results in lower-than-normal energy reserves for combatting stress.

Alltech Crop Science, through its expertise in biotechnology and nutrigenomics, has designed efficient options to support such complex processes, contributing to more efficient photosynthesis, improved density of plant cell tissues, cell structure resistance and weight and metabolic performance.

IMPRO-SET® is a staple at the beginning of the reproductive process. Combined with an adequate nutritional programme, it allows the reproductive and fruit-setting processes to occur with fewer energy losses. Thus, we can achieve an efficient process with a significant reduction in abortions of the reproductive and mature productive organs or even deformation of the final product, enabling crops to close their production gap.  

IMPRO-SET® FINISH, enriched with highly assimilated potassium, which will participate in the “filling” process of the productive organ, is already a reference for the maturation phase. IMPRO-SET FINISH promotes timely fruit, optimal colouring and higher total soluble solids percentage. Potassium is also involved in producing and transporting sugars within the plant, enzyme activation and protein synthesis. Required for pigment synthesis, potassium plays a vital role in achieving high-quality production and determining sugar content, thus influencing ripening and storage. Combined with adequate nutrition, IMPRO-SET FINISH favours the rigidity of cell walls and increases the turgidity of the final product, allowing for a more efficient mechanical harvest and greater shelf-life. 

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