Orsero Group works with Apeel to fight food waste

Orsero S.p.A, an importer and distributor of fresh fruit and vegetables in Mediterranean Europe, has announced its collaboration with Apeel to reduce food waste.

Apeel’s plant-based protection doubles the shelf life of fresh produce and is made of materials that can be found in all fruits and vegetables. When applied to the peel of fresh fruit and vegetables, Apeel        reduces the speed of deterioration of the product and thus prevents food waste throughout the supply chain: from production to consumption, through to sales.

The collaboration has materialized in production at Acapulco, the Orsero Group company located in Mexico, which is using the plant-based protection on the avocados grown and distributed.

The products handled with Apeel are marketed by the Orsero Group on the U.S. market, where the Apeel brand is already popular, and soon in Europe – particularly in France, Italy and Spain – through the Group’s distribution companies: Az France, Fruttital and Hermanos Fernandez.

Alessandro Canalella, CCO of Orsero Group, commented: “The partnership with Apeel is strategic for us. From the commercial point of view, it allows us to introduce an innovation on the European market, dedicated to a product, such as avocados, whose consumption is growing at double digits and it is more and more widespread and popular. The innovation will feed this trend, allowing us to lengthen the shelf life of the fruit. The benefit will benefit all the links in the chain, including the consumer.

“The partnership also reinforces our commitment to the fight against food waste, a basic principle of the Group’s philosophy. In addition to the actions already taken to make the transport and storage of products more efficient, and the collaboration with food banks to donate edible products that are no longer marketable, we will now also be able to act to reduce the creation of food waste”.    


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Source: Fresh Plaza