“Peruvian avocados enter Chinese market later than usual due to quality standards”

Source: Fresh Plaza

There is a temporary shortage in the Chinese avocado market because the supply from Peru is delayed. The price is very high at the moment. According to Peruvian sources, large volumes of avocados were already dispatched last week and the temporary supply shortage should be over by early June.

According to manager Li, a spokesperson for an avocado import company from Guangzhou: “Avocados from large plantations in Peru had already entered the Chinese market in large volumes by around this time in previous years. This year, however, Peruvian avocados have not yet arrived. There are rumors that supply was delayed because the product quality of Peruvian avocados did not meet the required standards of the Peruvian government. The avocados currently available on the market are mainly early-season plateau avocados and their supply volume is very small. The Chinese market price of Peruvian avocados is very high because supply is limited. The wholesale price in Guangzhou Jiangnan Wholesale Market is around 190 yuan [29.52 USD] per 4 kg.”

“Our Peruvian suppliers assure us that the first shipping containers were dispatched in week 19, and the shipping time is around 3-4 weeks. That means the supply shortage should be over by early June.”

A report from the US Department of Agriculture shows that Peru expects to export 10% more avocados in 2021, or a total of 450,000 tons. Although the Chinese market has huge potential and their import volume grows every year, only about 3% of the Peruvian avocado export volume was destined for the Chinese market in 2020.

In addition to Peru, there are a number of other avocado producing countries that have recently obtained permission to export avocados to China, including New Zealand, the USA, Kenya, and the Philippines, but the main suppliers are still Chile, Peru, and Mexico.