Plant Based World Returns to NYC in 2021

Last held in June 2019, Plant Based World Conference & Expo made a triumphant return to New York City’s Javits Center Dec. 9-10, where a range of industry observers, including Progressive Grocer Managing Editor Bridget Goldschmidt and Dan Ochwat, executive editor at PG sister publication Store Brands, offered their thoughts on the development of the plant-based food market, which is projected to hit a staggering $162 billion by 2030, according to a recent report from Bloomberg Intelligence.

Meanwhile, the bustling show floor featured a greater selection of products than at Plant Based World’s last New York event, with more snacks, sauces and beverages in evidence amid the meat and dairy alternatives. Speaking of dairy, exhibitors’ plant-based cheeses showed marked improvement in terms of texture, meltability and overall yumminess – NewFields’ cheesecake was a particular example of this last attribute – as poultry alternatives came into their own with such mind-blowingly delicious entries as Tindle’s plant-based chicken parm sandwiches, and seafood and pork analogs continued to gather steam. Following are some images snapped by Bridget as she checked out the various products being sampled.