Pomona Group in support of French and local agriculture

The French agriculture week from May 13th to 24th 2021 was the occasion for the Pomona Group to confirm its CSR commitments around the mission “Helping food professionals to better feed their clients”.

Thanks to its various networks of experts throughout France (TerreAzur, PassionFroid, EpiSaveurs, Délice&Création, Saveurs d’Antoine and Relais d’Or), the Pomona Group participates actively in the economic life and development of the regions.

By contributing to the local economy, the Pomona Group promotes regional food production and allows each region to develop its heritage, culture and identity. It therefore takes part in the growth of the local sectors and the dynamism of the food industry.

By becoming a member of the National Association for the development of the High Environmental Value certification, the Pomona Group further confirms its commitment to support the agro-ecological transition of the agricultural sectors.

The Pomona Group’s support to French agriculture in a few figures:

• TerreAzur is the partner of over 2,000 fruit and vegetable producers, directly or via cooperatives.

• PassionFroid distributed over 2,000 tons of 100% local products in 2019/2020 (products whose recipe is typical of a region and whose production is made locally).

• 18,500 tons of products with the “French meat” label were marketed in 2019-2020.

“Although the sanitary crisis has slowed down our projects, the momentum toward better and more responsible food products remains strong,” explains Bruno Mantovani, quality and corporate social responsibility manager of the company. “Consumers are increasingly turning to regional products and the health value of food is recognized now more than ever. Preserving the environment is a priority. This encourages us to continue and intensify our efforts.”

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Source: Fresh Plaza