Preview of Dutch processing company’s new factory

This clip previews Frank Hessing’s new plant – Hessing Greenport Venlo. From early 2023, this Dutch vegetable processing company will produce much of its processed products there. “In the new factory, we’ll process about 320,000 kg of vegetables every day. That’ll be into 850 great products. We’ll use 90 production lines. These are for washing, chopping, drying, and packaging fresh vegetables,” says Frank.

“The new plant is near the Netherlands’ largest horticultural area. That lets us process vegetables directly from the land. We use state-of-the-art equipment. And we meet high sustainability, safety, and food hygiene standards. We’re extensively automating and robotizing processes. So, the fresh vegetables will quickly reach store shelves. Harvested yesterday, processed today, and super-fresh instore tomorrow,” Frank says.

Source: Hessing

Source: Fresh Plaza