Prices of imported bananas in China have risen month-on-month

New indexes released by the China Economic Information Service show that farm gate prices and prices of imported bananas in China increased compared with last month, while wholesale prices in sales markets and farm gate prices of emperor bananas fell.

Analysts from Xinhua pointed out that currently, the Yunnan producing area is approaching the end of the season. The volume of good-quality products has fallen sharply and prices are firm. The supply now starts to come from the Hainan producing area, and the quality is improved. The number of orders has increased slightly on last month, and prices of good-quality products have improved slightly. In the wholesale markets, as the temperature continues to rise, the variety and volume of seasonal fresh fruits have increased significantly compared with the previous period. It is now the off-season for banana consumption, and sales are slower than at the previous level. The price in the wholesale markets continues to fall.

In terms of imported bananas, the supply at the ports is generally sufficient. Prices seen at two major ports polarised over this period. Due to the repeated outbreaks in Liaoning, the shipping cost of Dalian Port has risen. Traders raised their quotations, which led to a slight increase in the prices of imported bananas. On the one hand, the number of orders for emperor bananas has fallen, the expectations of growers have lowered, and the farm gate prices have fallen slightly.

Source: NCWXJT

Source: Fresh Plaza