“Prices should go up again”

As a key player of the fruit and vegetable sector in the Loire Valley, Fruidis, based in Loire-Atlantique, is currently in the middle of its ratatouille vegetable campaign. The pepper, eggplant and tomato productions have been severely affected by aphid attacks, but the season is going quite well.

“The season started on a high note on May 1st, with the arrival of all major players on the market. It is just starting to stabilize and the season will end in October. We will then go back to our Spanish imports, but with low volumes because many stop as soon as the Spanish products are back,” explains Simon Plantive.

Peppers/Photo provided by Fruidis 

Price drop due to the weather
With 50% of their clients in out-of-home catering, the months of July/August are quite calm for Fruidis. “For our supermarket clients who represent the other half, we try to promote local productions as much as possible.” And although the ratatouille vegetable season is going well in general, it could be better if the weather was nicer.

“There was a significant price drop in early July because of the bad weather, and a drop in the demand with a stable offer. But prices should go back up or at least reach a decent remunerative stability for the producers in the coming days with the return of good weather.”

Ribbed tomatoes/Photo provided by Fruidis 

Towards 100% cardboard
In order to comply with the Agec law scheduled to go into effect on January 1st 2022, Fruidis encourages its producers to set up 100% cardboard lines without plastic. “It is complicated because of the plastic trays still in storage but we are trying to rally the movement going forward so we’re not caught off guard at the last minute.”

Towards more organic bulk
For nearly two years now, we have been observing the creation of organic bulk aisles in supermarkets. “We hope that this trend will continue in the coming years. At the moment, small and medium-sized supermarkets still struggle to make a clear distinction between organic and conventional products on the shelves.”

About Fruidis
Attached to the Le Saint network, which counts about 30 companies, Fruidis has three categories for its fruit and vegetable offer: traditional (1st, 4th and 5th range), labeled (PGI, PDO, AOC) and organic. With a catchment area in the French departments of Loire-Atlantique and Maine-et-Loire, the company promotes the work of the producers with a local, national and imported offer.

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Source: Fresh Plaza