Raspberry harvest delayed by the weather

In the German town of Seebach, the raspberry harvest is starting a little late for the region’s largest producer. 

According to Jean-Luc Rott, manager of the farm, “May was particularly bad, with very little sun, which had consequences on the raspberries. The first ones were not very good, they were very bland. But now, they are much more tasty!”

The raspberry harvest will end around the 25th of July, which is two weeks later than usual. But for the first time this year, the Rott brothers have a new raspberry variety: the Vajolet. “It is a brand new variety that has just arrived in France. These are large raspberries, shiny and sweet. They correspond exactly to our clients’ demand,” explains Damien Rott. “This variety is very promising. But we are waiting two to three years to get some perspective. We cannot rely on just one harvest.”

Two years ago, they also started growing kiwis on a small parcel, with a first harvest expected this fall. “We did not know what to do with this piece of land, given its size and its location, right next to the village. I then learned that kiwis do not require treatment, so we thought it was the right time to give it a try. It is a test parcel, just to see what we will obtain.”

Source: francetvinfo.fr

Source: Fresh Plaza