Searchable database of FDA/USDA food recalls launched

The Food Industry Counsel, LLC launched its “FIC Recall Reporter™” business tool, a new, searchable database of all FDA and USDA published Class I, Class II and Class III food and beverage recalls since 2000.

FIC Recall Reporter is updated regularly, allowing users to search a growing number of food recalls using user-friendly parameters. For example, within seconds, a user can learn whether a food product has been recalled, how many times a particular food has been recalled and how regulators classified those recalls; or, how many times a food product was recalled for the same reason. Prior to FIC Recall Reporter, accessing this information required tedious and time-consuming multiple year-specific searches in separate FDA and USDA databases.

“For corporate legal teams and company decision-makers, this information provides valuable insight into past and current trends, which in turn informs current decisions,” said Shawn Stevens, FIC attorney and founder. “Food safety should not be competitive so FIC is providing this new business tool free of charge.”

Those benefiting from using FIC Recall Reporter include decision makers, risk managers, legal teams, food safety teams, risk communicators, industry associations and food industry researchers.

FIC Recall Reporter saves time by helping users:

  • Quickly customize the vetting and approval of suppliers and/or new food items
  • Inform the decision-making process
  • Better determine, based upon precedent, whether a recall in any particular circumstance is warranted and, if so, how FDA would most likely classify it  
  • Assess risk based on current data

To begin using FIC Recall Reporter today, click here and check the preferred search criteria boxes on the left.

“Now we can instantly see and assess 20-years of recall data and leverage that data to help make important food safety decisions,” said Stevens.

For more information:
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Source: Fresh Plaza